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Higher Rates In Makkah For Foreigners:

Makkah is the place that is respected by every Muslim. It would be the dream of every Muslim to be able to go to Makkah. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. There are so many billions and trillions of people living at the moment. And if Islam is the second largest religion in the world then this tells us that there are so many Muslims living in this world and that Muslim population is increasing day by day. If you ever go to the sacred Makkah, you would notice the amazing crowd. It does not matter which time of the year you are going in, you would always notice so many people there in Saudi Arabia. Because of the amazing crowd of tourists or pilgrims during all the times, this has made the rates of everything extremely higher. It is difficult to get the proper hotel in Makkah. Not that only the rates are higher in fact you are not given the complete choice of selecting the hotels as most of the hotels get filled before you are there and hence you cannot make the best decision. Besides even if you get the complete list of hotels, would you be able to make the best choice? The answer is, no. You cannot make the best choice at all until and unless you know all about the services of all the Hotels. And no one can have the better or good insight of the hotels without being associated to them.

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 Whenever you are traveling to another city or another country, the one most important thing for all of us would be accommodation. Because accommodation is the place where you are going to stay for quite a while. You are going to spend your free time at that place. When you are tired or upset, you stay at your place in order to be relaxed and to be calm. You spend whole day outside and then you come to your place quite late, all you want to do at that time is to relax and then sleep whereas we offer luxury hotel in Makkah. So, all these above mentioned facts tell us that you come to your place make your self relieved of all the stress. Now imagine if your place of accommodation is not comfortable, or it is not properly cleaned or it has some other sort of an issue with it, what would you think of your trip? Obviously you would be tired all the time and you would not be able to complete the purpose for which you have come there and you would obviously count it as your one of the worst experience ever.