Journey of Hajj and Umrah Which Fills Void in One – Haramayn Hotels


Everyone is born with his own distinct feature, his features, habits, attitude hence everything is different froth others. But there is a spirit which helps them bond with others in spite of of all these differences. Heart is a place where there is belief and everything you belief in life will ultimately be yours. But what happened with those with empty and wounded souls. People who don’t belief have these void souls. The journey of Hajj and Umrah is the journey from where one can start life again with belief. Haramayn hotels can help you in finding Hotels in Makkah for your stay. (more…)

A True Blessing of Allah- Acceptance of Dua


Though everything is planned by the fate and it is written by Allah. But there is a margin of supplication which can even turn it. God loves that his servants are asking for their needs. He loves to respond and give away his blessings to the people. If you are travelling for Umrah or Hajj, it is also one of his blessings for you and you can choose any of the Hotels in Madina with Haramayn Hotels.  (more…)

Prophet (PBUH) Journey to Madina – Haramayn Hotels

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The Islamic Hijri calendar is marked from the day Prophet (PBUH) migrated from Makkah to Madina along his companions. This journey was held when the inhuman acts of some powerful Arabs who were united in order to stop the spread of Islam. Muslims were leaving Makkah in tears but they had left with no other choice.  After migrating from birth city of Prophet (PBUH), a new Islamic state was established from scratch and all fundamental laws of any state were defined by Prophet (PBUH). After settling the matters between Muhajir and Ansar, he defined some rules for everyone. While setting the laws he has also taken care of the minorities living there, they were also given all the rights they deserve. (more…)

Happiness lies in Contentment of Heart – Haramayn Hotels

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Happiness is what lies inside your heart, you didn’t recognize it because of you business with other negative vibes around you.  Peace in your surroundings makes you feel happy. It can come by staying in luxury Hotels in Madina or Makkah or may be by passing a little smile to someone depressed. There are few ways to remain happy which were apparently researched by some philosophers and physiatrists. Points that really need to ponder on are as follows: (more…)

Concern for the fellow Muslims – Haramayn Hotels

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Muslims have been suffering from all the cruelty these days just because of some irrational people who claim to be Muslim. And this is not the only reason of suffering of innocents; silence of fellow Muslims is also the cause. People of this Ummah were taught to stand at the side of you brothers when they are in need. We are the nation which proves to have no sense of humanity left in us. The day someone would point finger at our character, we will even run to kill him but will never stand for the innocents facing undesired wars and battles. (more…)