Different Aspects of Ramadan


Ramadan Preparations starts before a month. Ramadan is a lot more than an obligation and it has many cultural and spiritual aspects of it.  The fact cannot be denied that Ramadan has its own challenges. In Muslim countries it is more like a culture of every year but Muslims in other countries have to face many challenges. This month is more spiritual for every Muslim and everyone wants to have maximum benefit of this month with soul soothing prayers and every possible good deed. (more…)

Importance of Brotherhood in Islam – Haramayn Hotels


Covering all the aspects of life, Islam also teaches us manners of behavior with others. Islam is the only religion which promotes brotherhood among Muslims.  One of the most important dealings of daily affairs is brotherhood. A sense of brotherhood among Muslims can always promote peace among them. Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) have warned us about negligence in relationships at various places. Book any of the 5 Star Hotels in Makkah through the platform of Haramayn Hotels. (more…)

Empathy, a way of compassion towards others – Haramayn Hotels


Try walking in others shoes and you would know the challenges they face daily. This is one of the very old saying, which needs our attention again. As Ramadan is here and of course everyone wants to have blessings of this month. But is that necessary to have concern for someone just for a month? A straight no, because people around you face some challenges on daily basis. This empathy towards someone should be for the whole year. This one trait can transform someone’s life through you. Daily we walk on the road and see many people who also have their needs to be fulfilled, spend your money and time with them show them that you care for him. (more…)

Journey of Hajj and Umrah Which Fills Void in One – Haramayn Hotels


Everyone is born with his own distinct feature, his features, habits, attitude hence everything is different froth others. But there is a spirit which helps them bond with others in spite of of all these differences. Heart is a place where there is belief and everything you belief in life will ultimately be yours. But what happened with those with empty and wounded souls. People who don’t belief have these void souls. The journey of Hajj and Umrah is the journey from where one can start life again with belief. Haramayn hotels can help you in finding Hotels in Makkah for your stay. (more…)

A True Blessing of Allah- Acceptance of Dua


Though everything is planned by the fate and it is written by Allah. But there is a margin of supplication which can even turn it. God loves that his servants are asking for their needs. He loves to respond and give away his blessings to the people. If you are travelling for Umrah or Hajj, it is also one of his blessings for you and you can choose any of the Hotels in Madina with Haramayn Hotels.  (more…)