Importance of Brotherhood in Islam – Haramayn Hotels


Covering all the aspects of life, Islam also teaches us manners of behavior with others. Islam is the only religion which promotes brotherhood among Muslims.  One of the most important dealings of daily affairs is brotherhood. A sense of brotherhood among Muslims can always promote peace among them. Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) have warned us about negligence in relationships at various places. Book any of the 5 Star Hotels in Makkah through the platform of Haramayn Hotels.

Disunity among Muslims is increasing day by day. Muslim is the one who benefits others by all means. The way we are treating others is not what was taught by Muhammad (PBUH).  In back that time strangers agreed to help each other but today we are enemies with are blood relations too. This brotherhood actually helps us to get away from his superiority or inferiority complex. And the system of society works with a peace.

Brotherhood is not only a value that adds more beauty to your relations. But it becomes a support through tough times of life. So value the trend of brotherhood, if someone is in need help them with all pure intentions. Brotherhood reduces violence and hate speech among everyone. We Muslims are suffering because we have left the legacy of our Prophet (PBUH). We are following and spreading hatred in the world when we are the nation who is supposed to spread peace and harmony in the world. So, if you want peace in your life then let others live with it, try to help where you are capable of and feel the miseries of others so you can pass through your own challenges of life.

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