Iconic cities of Makkah and Madina


Makkah and Madina hold historical and religious significance in the world. Both are considered as Islamic icons specially both are respected and honored by the whole world. This is the world’s most sacred places because of Kaaba and Masjid e Nabwi. These both Mosques have a special importance, pilgrims from all around the world travel to fulfill their desire of visiting holy places at least once in a life.

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These cities were reformed by our beloved Prophet (PBUH). He introduced the society with a perfect lifestyle. The cities were illuminated with his honesty and truthfulness. He taught them a method to create a peaceful and fair system of a society. These cities also have many Islamic heritage places which are visited by many pilgrims for the purpose of ziyarat.

Be the guest of Allah and respect the place, perform your obligation, take your spirits to another level of love and affection for Allah. Be grateful to him for everything you have in your life. Seek forgiveness by a sincere pardon and start a fresh life. Give yourself another chance to get closer to Allah the Almighty.

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