Empathy, a way of compassion towards others – Haramayn Hotels


Try walking in others shoes and you would know the challenges they face daily. This is one of the very old saying, which needs our attention again. As Ramadan is here and of course everyone wants to have blessings of this month. But is that necessary to have concern for someone just for a month? A straight no, because people around you face some challenges on daily basis. This empathy towards someone should be for the whole year. This one trait can transform someone’s life through you. Daily we walk on the road and see many people who also have their needs to be fulfilled, spend your money and time with them show them that you care for him. This little act will transform his life, may be the one who is begging could find work inspired by you. Get your room in Luxury Hotels in Madina and Makkah with all basic requirements and needs.

There are children playing in the streets, make few minutes to play with them and learn about their life challenges and hence you can find a solution to their problems.  One day someone is showing concern for you, you will show care for anyone else and eventually the world will have less problems with more people to solve them. This is how a circle of empathy affects the ordinary lives of people. There are many around you passing through some anxiety and mental health issues, they just need few words of sympathy, words may seem little to you but can be a lot more to someone else. There are various events of Prophet’s (PBUH) life where he showed a way of helping others. Usually he would gather his companions and everyone would donate as per their budget and same compassion he showed towards animals. He would advice the owners of animals to take care of them and never burden them more than their will power.

The second home town of Prophet (PBUH) is Madina which soil has witnessed multiple events of Prophet’s (PBUH) life. You can get accommodation in Luxury Hotels in Madina on reasonable prices with best services by Haramayn Hotels.