A Peaceful and safe shade of Islam


Islam is the religion that conveys message of peace every time. There is no point where violence is spread through Islam. Prophet (PBUH) tried to keep peace even at the occasion of migration but it was refused by his enemies. He still managed to unite people of Madina and immigrants. If Islam is not a religion of peace then there would be no concept of brotherhood between them. Every situation was handled fairly. For booking Hotels near Haram Makkah, try the most feasible platform of Haramayn Hotels.

Nowadays we have made simple teachings of Islam quite complicated by adding up our own opinions in it. But a true follower of it will know true message which was conveyed by Muhammad (PBUH). Allah loves those who possess good attitudes towards fellow beings. Patience, love for humanity, modesty and striving for virtuous deeds are the basic traits of a Muslim. Prophet (PBUH) was kind to everyone; he felt his responsibility towards the nation and was fair till his last breath. The same trait he transferred to his companions, Umar (RA) and Abu Bakr Siddique (RA). They both spend their life in serving the humanity and were known to be the Best Khalifa of their times. This is our Islam where leaders know their responsibilities and can handle the nation peacefully. So, follow the true teachings of Islam and spread love, make environment peaceful and safe for others. Prophet (PBUH) never accused someone because of his faith. He took the whole mission with kind and generous attitude that’s why he is loved by everyone.

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