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Either you are living in luxury hotels like Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick Hotel or you find peace in sleeping on the floor of Mosque. No matter you are blind or you can enjoy the view of the world, everything is a blessing of Allah. Your wealth, health, knowledge and everything else major or minor is blessing of him. Nowadays everyone is riding on the horse of arrogance, people will accidently bump into each other then will blame and from that little accident the chaos will develop in the surrounding. The matter which could end up just saying sorry but we created hype because our ego and arrogance doesn’t let us say sorry. (more…)

Making Islam easy for others

Five Star Hotels in Makkah

As a Muslim we are responsible to spread the message of truthfulness in the world. Make people believe in Allah and his oneness. But the question is do we need a sword or battle in order to accomplish it?  Well looking back in the history when People of Makkah were satisfied with their false way of life and they had stopped looking for a light in the darkness.  It was displeasure for Allah so he sent Prophet (PBUH) to teach them the righteous attitude towards life. Initially after revelation of Quran it Prophet (PBUH) kept it hidden as he was learning it and was not ordered to spread it, then silently he started conveying the message of Allah among his friends and close relatives. (more…)

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Swiss Hotel Makkah

Makkah is now becoming as the city of hotels. By the increasing number pilgrims and other visitors, hotels have been the first priority of Saudi government. There is a list of luxury hotels in Makkah for those who are looking for little guidance before booking their reservations.  You can go through the list of top world class hotels along with their services and prices on the website of Haramayn hotels. Haramayn Hotels is a source of online room bookings in hotels of Makkah and Madina. (more…)

Muhammad (PBUH) – A True Source of light in the period of Darkness

Luxury Hotels in Madina

Madina is a city of blessings for every Muslim and it is crowded with large number of luxury hotels in Madina. I know being a Muslim we are familiar with a remarkable man on earth, who was not only a prophet but a true leader. Before his arrival, life style of people was full of lies, abuse and hatred but no one felt about change in it. (more…)

Feel the Glory of Makkah by Visiting the Luxury Hotels in Makkah

Luxury Hotels in Makkah

Makkah is a city of glory and beauty. It was among the leading cities of Hijaz with two other cities Yathrib (Madina) and Taif. It is declared sacred by Allah himself. In Quran it is mentioned that it is uncultivable valley which means to cut down trees or grass is prohibited. (more…)