Purity of Soul


See the face of a newborn child and you will always see a painless shining beauty. This shine is because of his pure soul, he is clean, and there is no burden of sins on his shoulders. Our soul is always inclined towards the right path but sometimes our sins make it filthy.

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People who are slaves of their evil desires and lusts have the most impure soul. There are four things that need constant care and nourishment; one is soul, then mind, emotions and your body. Soul comes first because it the most important part of any human being. (more…)

Iconic cities of Makkah and Madina


Makkah and Madina hold historical and religious significance in the world. Both are considered as Islamic icons specially both are respected and honored by the whole world. This is the world’s most sacred places because of Kaaba and Masjid e Nabwi. These both Mosques have a special importance, pilgrims from all around the world travel to fulfill their desire of visiting holy places at least once in a life.

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Treating your guests in a best way is most beautiful trend introduced by Islam. Honoring your guest is part of your faith, when you believe in treating others in a better way then you are a true believer. Following the same trend all five Star and Cheap Hotels in Madina provide best hospitality services to their guests. Example of hospitality is mentioned in Quran when one of the Prophet’s companions welcomes a traveler to his home and despite of having very little food for their own family, he offered him to eat with them. This is real trait of any Muslim and a companion of Prophet (PBUH).


A Peaceful and safe shade of Islam


Islam is the religion that conveys message of peace every time. There is no point where violence is spread through Islam. Prophet (PBUH) tried to keep peace even at the occasion of migration but it was refused by his enemies. He still managed to unite people of Madina and immigrants. If Islam is not a religion of peace then there would be no concept of brotherhood between them. Every situation was handled fairly. For booking Hotels near Haram Makkah, try the most feasible platform of Haramayn Hotels.


Different Aspects of Ramadan


Ramadan Preparations starts before a month. Ramadan is a lot more than an obligation and it has many cultural and spiritual aspects of it.  The fact cannot be denied that Ramadan has its own challenges. In Muslim countries it is more like a culture of every year but Muslims in other countries have to face many challenges. This month is more spiritual for every Muslim and everyone wants to have maximum benefit of this month with soul soothing prayers and every possible good deed. (more…)