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Whenever you go to any place in the world, you always search for the best accommodations and same is the case when you travel to Makkah. At Haramayn hotels, we work to provide the best hotel accommodations for our clients who include 3 star hotels, 4 star Hotels and 5 star hotels in Makkah. If you have ever visited Makkah, you have an experience that hotel booking in Makkah is a difficult task and many times you don’t get the booking in your desired hotel. Haramayn hotels team is ready to help you in finding the perfect hotels of your choice.

We understand that money and budget are crucial for every pilgrim and that is the reason we not only offer booking for 5 Star hotels in Makkah but also other types of hotels. You can also avail the transfer facility as you can easily commute from airport to hotel and vice versa by making your bookings through Haramayn Hotels. We are working as true professionals offering the best services with lowest downtime. Haramayn Hotels is an online platform offering the most reliable services to book hotels in Makkah.

At Haramayn Hotels, we assure you that the accommodations we offer are best ones to meet your expectations. We try every possible effort to filter out the most appropriate searches according to your requirement. We try our best to provide you the best rates by making partnership with the hotels. You just need to filter your searches according to your requirement and leave the rest upon us.

We not only provide the best hotels in Makkah but we also offer the best hotel accommodations in Madina. We are available 24/7 for your support and we are always ready to entertain all your queries in the best way possible. Just let us know if you find any issue during your search, and we will help you in every possible way by solving all the issues for you.

Luxury Hotels In Makkah Awaits for you


You might be feeling the burden of life on your shoulders. You are not alone in this because everybody else is facing the same. Life has been tough for everyone and the moment one understands that there are people facing more issues than you, that is the time when you regret complaining Allah.

Choose the path of righteous, show your affection towards Allah and visit the Holy house often. Let us be your source of arranging stay in any Luxury Hotels in Makkah.


Purity of Soul


See the face of a newborn child and you will always see a painless shining beauty. This shine is because of his pure soul, he is clean, and there is no burden of sins on his shoulders. Our soul is always inclined towards the right path but sometimes our sins make it filthy.

Get your accommodations booked in any of the Five Star Hotels in Makkah through Haramayn Hotels.

People who are slaves of their evil desires and lusts have the most impure soul. There are four things that need constant care and nourishment; one is soul, then mind, emotions and your body. Soul comes first because it the most important part of any human being. (more…)

Iconic cities of Makkah and Madina


Makkah and Madina hold historical and religious significance in the world. Both are considered as Islamic icons specially both are respected and honored by the whole world. This is the world’s most sacred places because of Kaaba and Masjid e Nabwi. These both Mosques have a special importance, pilgrims from all around the world travel to fulfill their desire of visiting holy places at least once in a life.

Five Star Hotels in Makkah and Madina are now established and every year they improve their services and accommodate more guests. (more…)

Haramayn Hotels- Find cheap Hotels in Madina in simple 2 steps


Treating your guests in a best way is most beautiful trend introduced by Islam. Honoring your guest is part of your faith, when you believe in treating others in a better way then you are a true believer. Following the same trend all five Star and Cheap Hotels in Madina provide best hospitality services to their guests. Example of hospitality is mentioned in Quran when one of the Prophet’s companions welcomes a traveler to his home and despite of having very little food for their own family, he offered him to eat with them. This is real trait of any Muslim and a companion of Prophet (PBUH).